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Matt Pence: Then and Now


Matt Pence: Then and Now.

this is Kittenpants’ excerpt from their podcast interview with Centro-matic drummer / producer, Matt Pence.

Matt Pence: Then and Now

My podcasting co-hort, Ladybird J and I just interviewed drummer/producer Matt Pence from Centro-matic for next week’s episode. Then I remembered this isn’t the first time I have interviewed Matt–the band was interviewed in the November 2000 issue of Kittenpants. Here’s some of what Matt had to say back then.

kp: What is the secret to making the perfect slurpee?

Matt: Not too much syrup, very very cold, in an insulated mug w/ one flavor on top of, not swirled in w/, another flavor.

What is the secret to trimming the perfect beard?


What is the secret to playing the fuck out of the drums while still wearing a giant costume of the periodic table of the elements that covers your whole body?

Superpowers, of course.

What is your favorite Centro-matic song?

Tied to the Trailer

What is your favorite DEVO song?

Mississippi Queen (they did that one didn’t they, that’s an awesome jam!! cowbell central, U.S.A!!! !! !)!

When you are on tour, which ‘road song’ would you say best represents the band’s mood: Wheel in the Sky by JOURNEY, On the Road Again by WILLIE NELSON, Surprise, Surprise by X, or Wanted: Dead or Alive by BON JOVI?

On the Road Again. We make sure we’re not on the road for very long stretches (2 weeks is pretty much the max so far), and that makes it so much fun, just like a vacation. Except for the lifting and the smoke, and the lack of site-seeing. Really, the only thing that is the same as vacation is the driving and the hotels. Except I guess when I go on vacation I usually don’t stay on people’s floors.

That whole thing I said about touring being a vacation is a big lie, made up by me as an excuse to align myself with country superstar Willie Nelson. Hell, I barely know the words to “On the Road Again”, I don’t know if that’s representative of our experience. I don’t know anything anymore.

That’s fair. Will you tell me a joke?

Matt: yes.

I don’t get it.

So that was 2000. Listen to the 12-year follow-up (coming in a few days!) on Episode 12 of Me Three Podcast.