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District Attorneys — bonus tracks from SLOWBURNER


District Attorneys — bonus tracks from SLOWBURNER

The District Attorneys
Light Years / In Your Dreams
free downloads

Light Years & In Your Dreams were recorded by Drew Vandenberg (The Whigs, Patterson Hood, Deerhunter, Futurebirds) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA during the SLOWBURNER sessions. After collecting dust for the better part of a year, we decided to bring these two songs back to life. We hope you enjoy them in either order possible (you only have two choices). It’s an all-digital release but let’s pretend it’s a 7″ for romance’s sake.

Mixed by TJ Mimbs at Easy Street Productions (

Mastered by Tom Lewis (

Released by The District Attorneys (Slowburner Music, ASCAP) with a little help from our label folks at This Is American Music (


released 21 September 2012

The District Attorneys – free EPs


finally got around to downloading the two free EPs released by The District Attorneys.

i got the newer full length physical CD version (mp3 version only $5) along with some super cool stickers in the mail last week.

they have a total of 2 EPs and 1 LP available.

the EPs are available for free at their bandcamp page.

the full length CD can be ordered via the band’s bandcamp page or downloaded in mp3 form from TIAM’s website.

the first EP:

released 20 April 2010
All songs by Drew Beskin
All songs performed by The District Attorneys
Produced by Thomas Johnson, Drew Beskin and Carter King
Mixed by Thomas Johnson
Mastered by Tom Lewis

“Orders From​.​.​.​” EP
by The District Attorneys

the second EP description:

While writing and prepping to get into the studio this November to record our first full length, we have been making demos of new material in our homes and testing the songs out at shows. To bridge the gap between now and when the album is finished and released in early 2012 we have decided to release some of these demos in their early stages. The six track EP offers 5 new originals and a cover of “Wrecking Ball” written by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. “Wrecking Ball” features our first track to have all 5 members of the band sing lead and we hope we did the song justice. So there you have it, please enjoy this free EP of pre-production demos and get excited for a full album coming real soon! Please share with friends

The DAs


released 11 October 2011
The District Attorneys
Chris Wilson
Drew Beskin
Frank Keith IV
TJ Mimbs
Walker BeardAll music by The District Attorneys
tracks 1,2 and 4 lyrics by Drew Beskin
tracks 3 and 5 lyrics by TJ Mimbs
Copyright 2011
Except for “Wrecking Ball” music and lyrics by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings
All demos recorded and mixed by TJ Mimbs

Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP
by The District Attorneys

glad to see on their About Us page they explained the origin of their name:

At the 2012 Flagpole Music Awards in Athens, GA, The DAs were honored to take home Best Album Artwork and Best Album for Slowburner as well as Artist of the Year.
Formed in late 2009, The District Attorneys are a band of young twenty-somethings from Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Founded by high school friends, Drew Beskin and Chris Wilson, The D.A.s are a blend of various styles (Americana, Indie, Pop) and are influenced by The Replacements and Modest Mouse as much as the Beach Boys and Rilo Kiley. Like these artists, The D.A.s (named after a Bob Dylan song) try to expand their sound while believing in the key ingredient….great songs.

Duquette Johnston, a start


don’t want this blog to be The Centro-matic Show — no matter how huge and overwhelming and talentedly awesome everyone in the band is. i mean, there’s going to be 12 bands at W’12 so it doesn’t seem right to prattle on and on like i have been.

at Sunday breakfast post-W’10 i was fortunate enough to meet Duquette Johnston and his wife Morgan (of Rugged & Fancy fame) and it was just a great, sweet gift after a weekend that was so intense and wild (crazy wild to meet people in real life i felt like i knew for years from postcard).

Duquette and Morgan were the nicest people, and although i am a fanboy geek about a band Duquette was a part of — more later — i was struck by how great his solo performance on Friday, pre-W’10 was. and to break Sunday bread at Sawmill Family Restaurant with them was such an honor.

so the thing to know — or maybe NOT know — about Duquette Johnston is that he was a founding member of this band called Verbena.

living in New York for so long, and going to lots of shows, i heard about Verbena’s music and had devoured it like candy. it really pulled at my musical likes: reminiscent of X, the Cramps, the Velvet Underground, some Detroit bluesy rock in there. I don’t describe stuff as well as some but the two records I had of theirs, Souls For Sale and Into The Pink were on heavy rotation for a good long time. I think Souls For Sale, which Duquette played bass on, was and continues to be my favorite Verbena record.

Into The Pink saw the exit of Duquette and the entrance of a major label where the band got Dave Grohl-ized, which not that there’s anything wrong with that (except i think he’s sort of a giant tool now and the Foo Fighters give me upchuck reflexes)…. but Souls For Sale i just love love love.

Duquette is part of the Gum Creek Killers, who have some mp3s for download on their website here.

it’s sort of hard to pin down the talent that is Duquette Johnston. and maybe that’s the point. he and his wife seem to live a seriously creative, lovely life in Birmingham making and curating great art, either they make or share with others.

stream and download links

free for email address / mailing list signup. you won’t be sorry.

Rugged & Fancy

It Sings Because It Has A Song

buy Etowah on iTunes

Lyrics aagh


love hate thing here with the mp3 experience. wish all mp3s were the highest fidelity (i do 192 kbps, which is pretty low compared to a lot of FLAC / lossless formats).

but beyond the audio experience, the fact that the metadata on all of these files is so incomplete makes me really annoyed. frustrated librarian that i am.

every mp3 file i get as a download from a band, should, ideally, have the artwork attached, lyrics embedded, information about who plays on the song, and if there are liner notes that would also be super welcome.

i am either listening to music on my iPhone at work — which is a lot now we are all consolidated — or on the subway / my commute. so i am constantly within reach of this player that can hold all the metadata. so when i love a track i want to be able to reach for my iPhone and just have all of this right there. and unless i take the time to do that it’s not there.

so that’s what my deal is going to be for all of this music i’m buying in preparation for my fall vacation 2012. track down the lyrics, make sure everything has artwork, and parse the physical CD experience to the max.

at W’10 the most disappointing thing — which i am mad at myself about — is that i was really unfamiliar with a lot of the music i was hearing. and hearing stuff for the first time is always hard. so i promised myself that for this fall i would do my homework / due diligence. (damn, i am starting to sound like an investment banker!)

i found lyrics wiki has a bunch of centro-matic lyrics, but i’m wondering why bands don’t have this up on their websites? is it a publishing / rights issue? hmm.

was just getting all nostalgic for the records of my youth and the lyric sheets and album artwork. one of my favorite lyric sheets was the one from Donovan’s Cosmic Wheels album.

this is the cover

Donovan's Cosmic Wheels - front cover

this is the back


and this — very cool — was the inside… which me and my brother and sister of course colored.

but the even cooler thing was the circular (i know!) lyric sheet. it was a lyric sheet on one side…

…and a huge weird pic of Donovan on the other side.

these pictures don’t really convey how freaking HUGE the circular liner notes insert was — it was 4 times the size of the record!

i mean for a record where they had a “dirty” words like shit and shitting, it was really important to have the lyric sheet. actually it made me love the record even more. and me, of the crap memory, know every word on the record.

here’s the video:

The Intergalactic Laxative
Words & Music by: Donovan Leitch – 1973
Performed by: Donovan
Album: Cosmic Wheels – 1973

I was impressed like everyone,
When man began to fly,
Out of earthly regions,
To planets in the sky.
With total media coverage,
We watched the heros land,
As ceremoniously
They disturbed the cosmic sand.

In awe with admiration,
We listened to the talk.
Such pride felt they,
Such joy to be
Upon the moon to walk.
My romantic vision shattered,
When it was explained to me,
Spacemen wear old diapers
In which they shit and pee.

Oh, the intergalactic laxative,
Will get you from here to there.
Relieve you and believe me,
Without a worry or care.
If shitting is your problem,
When you’re out there in the stars,
Oh, the intergalactic laxative
Will get you from here to Mars.

They don’t partake like you and I,
Of beefy burger mush.
Their food is specially prepared
To dissolve into slush.
Absorbed by multi-fibers
In the super diaper suit,
Otherwise the slush would trickle
Down inside the boot.

Oh, the intergalactic laxative,
Will get you from here to there.
Relieve you and believe me,
Without a worry or care.
If shitting is your problem
When you’re out there in the stars,
Oh, the intergalactic laxative
Will get you from here to Mars.

You may well ask now what becomes
Of liquid they consume.
A pipe is led from penis head
To a unit in the room.
The water is recirculated,
Filtered for re-use.
In case of anti-gravity –
Pee gets on the loose.

Oh, the intergalactic laxative,
Will get you from here to there.
Relieve you and believe me,
Without a worry or care.
If shitting is your problem
When you’re out there in the stars,
Oh, the intergalactic laxative
Will get you from here to Mars.

Wherever man has conquered,
On the quest for frontiers new,
(Da da da da)
I’m glad that he’s always had to do
The number one and two.
It makes it all so ordinary,
Just like you and me,
To know the greatest heroes,
They had to shit and pee.

The intergalactic laxative
Will get you from here to there,
For cosmic constipation
There’s none that can compare.
If shitting is your problem
When you’re out there in the stars,
Oh, the intergalactic laxative,
The intergalactic laxative,
The intergalactic laxative,
Will get you from here to Mars.