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Wigginstock 2012 video (Saturday only) [repost with part 3]


this is the final post with all three parts of Saturday’s Wigginstock official video.

Part 1

  1. Flint Hill Specials (1:06)
  2. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil (36:17)

Part 2

  1. Lauderdale (0:29)
  2. The Pollies (54:42)

Part 3

  1. The District Attorneys (0:03)
  2. Glossary (1:00:30) (repeats twice)
  3. Seymour (4:02:00)

unfortunately no Centro-matic video was recorded…

Sean has a blog post here with all of the links.


and some video…


W’12 video (Saturday only)


i’ll update these with times as i can (hotel wifi not able to handle the truth of youtube right now)…

Part 1

  1. Flint Hill Specials (1:06)
  2. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil (36:17)

Part 2

  1. Lauderdale (0:29)
  2. The Pollies (54:42)

Part 3


  1. The District Attorneys [___]
  2. Glossary [___]

unfortunately no Centro-matic video was recorded…

Wigginstock 2012


as i write this on Sunday morning it’s almost impossible to look back on yesterday with any kind of objectivity. it was a day of music, great food, even better people. a freezing day. an electrifying day. and now i know where the Piggly Wiggly and various dollar stores are — and have finally stopped getting lost getting to WSHQ — i don’t want to leave Wiggins or the postcard family.

presented by…

i take the fact that the hotel has this artwork hanging in the breakfast / lounge area as a sign that all things are aligned. it’s a very similar design to this blog template. yeah, it has been that kind of trip.

artwork in Hampton Inn — Wiggins, MS

sort of freaky.

breakfast eaten

pretty brick in Old Skool Wiggins

Wigginstock shuttle, spotted in Old Skool Wiggins

Joe C aka Jersey Joe and Anne and I went and took the traditional route (i.e., not Ward’s) for breakfast and i know i’m so grateful to have done that. we got a chance to talk to the woman who i think owns Serendipity and have less fast-foody fud, which i’m a big fan of this trip. if i can make it through this trip with less fast food and more of this kind of home cooking i’ll be really happy.

Breakfast at Serendipity — Wiggins, MS

and then there’s this. us out-of-towners were very confused by the pepper gravy and tomato gravy. it was so funny because it was the first thing we all asked. they explained but i don’t think we really got it. in my pin mind i’m going to call it white gravy and red gravy. i’m so overloaded sense-wise i think big picture concepts is all i can handle right now.

two kinds of gravy!

and then the requisite food shot. nice and peppery potatoes. yumula biscuits of course. i am a HUGE fan of the large styrofoam cups they put the drinks in.

Breakfast at Serendipity — Wiggins, MS

Wigginstock 2012

and so it began…

the sound board (left hand tent) and the merch tables (two tents on right)
the stage is in the far background

Sean gives his welcome: The Flint Hills Specials about to start it all off

sort of like our own Wigginstock Frankenstorm, The Flint Hill Specials brought it

the door that everyone signed (work in progress)

big fan of this artwork

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil, just the right amount of twang

trying to panorama. note Lauree stank-eye and her TIAM bag

panorama of the scene of the crime

more failed panorama attempts. are there any lawyers in the house (ha ha ha)

more panorama

Lauderdale were like so awesome. i mean that 110%. one of the highlights of Wigginstock for me

District Attorneys — only gripe is they are all youngsters…. damn talented whippersnappers

Michael Pemberton’s insane smoked bologna.

smoked bologna disappeared as fast as Michael made it….

it was freezing cold. did a dollar store run — so fun i’ve never been to these before, was like a pig in sh*t! — for hats and gloves and fleeces. only downside was that i missed seeing The Pollies.

had a great time petting the Courtney Cat (orange tabby) and listening to Glossary while taking a break and trying to stay warm. felt good to serve as the official opener of Beef Jerky sticks — which was too much for the kids to deal with.

MacGyvered (well in my mind at least) a wet sock crisis, though i was thinking a clear produce bag (and a borrowed sock from the girls of the house), not a deli bag. must’ve been squishy and wet but there ya go….

flint hill triage (wet foot, hopefully stepped in mud not poop)
loved it that there were kids running around the whole time….

Centro-matic played what ended up being a completely sublime set — a mix of old and new. it’s so fitting for me that i just saw Will Johnson play a solo show with Anders Parker a few weeks ago at the Mercury Lounge. it was the first live show in forever (maybe years). and then to have them cap off Wigginstock 2012, well, i’ll be going to more live shows when i get home. and will be glad for it. a nice reintroduction to the glory and beauty that is live music.


it was magical

next steps

it’s Sunday morning and after a quick breakfast at the Sawmill Family Restaurant (family: fitting) here in Wiggins i am off to Clarksdale for a some must needed R&R at the Shack Up Inn.

because of this g-d scary-ass storm, i’ll probably extend my trip, doubling days at locations so i get back to New York City next weekend. no skin off my back to spend more time in the South. i got some great recommendations from Susan and Doc from Doc Dailey for the Florence / Muscle Shoals area.

so the general plan is Clarksdale and Memphis for at least two days, one day on the Natchez Trace, with a jaunt to Florence / Muscle Shoals. then Nashville and wherever else i feel like hitting.

this is going to be the tougher leg of my journey i can tell already. what i am facing when i get back home to New York City — the job search, continuing to get my apartment and sleep schedule righted, adjusting to life post job of 15 years. continued terror and fear and excitement. so i’ll enjoy the solitude and distraction of these travels until then. and hope everyone stays safe in this apocalyptic weather.

big thanks (yet again) to Sean for suggesting i blog my roadtrip and the Wigginstock experience. have loved doing this.

District Attorneys — bonus tracks from SLOWBURNER


District Attorneys — bonus tracks from SLOWBURNER

The District Attorneys
Light Years / In Your Dreams
free downloads

Light Years & In Your Dreams were recorded by Drew Vandenberg (The Whigs, Patterson Hood, Deerhunter, Futurebirds) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA during the SLOWBURNER sessions. After collecting dust for the better part of a year, we decided to bring these two songs back to life. We hope you enjoy them in either order possible (you only have two choices). It’s an all-digital release but let’s pretend it’s a 7″ for romance’s sake.

Mixed by TJ Mimbs at Easy Street Productions (

Mastered by Tom Lewis (

Released by The District Attorneys (Slowburner Music, ASCAP) with a little help from our label folks at This Is American Music (


released 21 September 2012

The District Attorneys – About Their Name


so about that name….

see the red paragraph in the interview highlighted below, but it comes from these cards (about 48 seconds into the video) from a song by Bob Dylan called Subterranean Homesick Blues from his record, Bringing It All Back Home.

the video is pretty famous, first appeared in D. A. Pennebaker‘s documentary, Dont Look Back.

the lyrics go:

Maggie comes fleet foot
Face full of black soot
Talkin’ that the heat put
Plants in the bed but
The phone’s tapped anyway
Maggie says that many say
They must bust in early May
Orders from the DA

The District Attorneys: Opening Arguments

June 8, 2012 in In-Studio

The District Attorneys kicked off their summer tour last night in Atlanta. Tonight they’ll serenade a Savannah audience at The Jinx (along with Modern Skirts, courtesy of Savannah Stopover). The Athens-based band consists of four high-school friends—Chris Wilson, Drew Beskin, Frank Keith IV, and Walker Beard—and fellow Athenian T.J. Mimbs. After releasing two free EPs on Bandcamp, The District Attorneys are promoting the release of their debut full-length album Slowburner with a 10-stop tour.

I spoke with band co-founder, guitarist, and often lead singer (though all band members have sung lead on at least one song) Drew Beskin about the band, the album, and of course, their favorite food.

SCAD Radio: So this has to be pretty exciting, your first full-length album.

Drew: Yeah, it feels like a long time coming. When we started the band we had about 10 songs to start off with. By the time we released our first EP we had about 20 or so songs, and we were really itching to make a full-length record, but it took awhile because the first 20 songs we had were definitely not the 20 songs that we released [on Slowburner]. There was a lot of trial and error. We think the timing is right, and we’re really excited about this record.

SR: What influenced the decision to release your first two EPs for free on Bandcamp?

Drew: I guess more of a good faith type of thing. The reward for us, especially right now, is that we just want people to listen to it, so we don’t want anything like money to get in the way of people listening to the music. If they like it, hopefully they’ll come back and buy the record when it comes out. We do it so other people can listen to it and enjoy it; everything else is secondary.

SR: What’s your favorite song off the new album?

Drew: We collectively all really like…we’re all very impressed with how the song “Cherry Glow” came out. On the record it’s a very acoustic, very laid-back song, and when we were playing it live and when we wrote it was more of an upbeat—I wouldn’t say a rocker, but it was completely different than how it turned out on the record. That’s probably the one we spent the most time in the studio with…we just kept changing the style of the song, and then luckily we figured out we wanted to do a bare-bones, folk version of that. We’re all kind of proud of that one. I really like “Confusion of Trust,” I think that one turned out really well. And then we all like “Worry about Your Health” and “Madison Row.” They’re all our babies, we love them all.

SR: Where did you get the name “The District Attorneys”?

Drew: The truth is, there’s a Bob Dylan song called “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” and our first EP is called “Orders From…” which is from the line in that song. There’s this music video of him just kind of standing there being very Bob Dylan, not doing anything, just holding maybe 60 flashcards. The music video is just one shot on Bob Dylan, and as the lyrics play in the background, he’s dropping cards and each card has one of the words in each line. If you look at that video, on the line “Orders from the DA” he drops the card and it says “district attorney.” I always liked that video and the handwriting of how he did that and it just kind of stuck out. Plus I love Bob Dylan, so it’s kind of a tribute.

SR: What brand and type of guitar do you use?

Drew: I play a Fender Mustang. It’s the same kind that Beth Constantino played in Best Coast. It’s also the same one that Kurt Cobain played.

SR: What has been the biggest challenge or obstacle that you guys have had to overcome to get your music out there?

Drew: I would say the biggest challenge and the biggest saving grace has been patience with everything. Because you know, as much as we would like to jump into a van and just go on the road for three years and just not stop, we understand—2012, we’re living in it, it’s a more digital age, and we’re able to try and build a brand via our social media pages and try and figure out what it is that we actually have and what we have to offer. We’ve been patient trying to figure out which songs work, which songs don’t work, what do we want to release immediately, what do we want to sit on. Everyone’s got their own opinions on everything, but basically we all know that we want to be steady handed with everything that we do. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

SR: If you could play on a dream tour with three bands, current or past, which bands would you pick?

Drew: Just because I think it would be fun: Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse, and Oasis.

SR: Where is your favorite place to eat as a band?

Drew: We’ve only been to this place once—we went to Gus’s [World Famous] Fried Chicken, which was in Tennessee when we were on the road to Austin last year. We only went there once, but that’s pretty much all we ever talk about. It was labeled the “World’s Best Fried Chicken,” and it was the best fried chicken. It was delicious, and we always talk about it. I usually keep my Gus’s [World Famous] Fried Chicken cup in my car with me. We all like it because we all like the show Breaking Bad, and it’s kind of relevant to the main bad guy in that show. When we do practices we like the 5-5-5 Domino’s deal.

SR: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?

Drew: Me and a few of my friends just re-watched Alien in anticipation for Prometheus. It’s a classic. I hadn’t seen that in so long; it really holds up. I’m honestly counting the days until The Dark Knight Rises. I know it’s going to be the best movie I’ll ever see. I went and saw that movie Cabin in the Woods, and I didn’t expect anything from that. I had no idea what it was going to be about, and I thought it was one of the most interesting funny movies I’ve ever seen. I thought it was great, I thought it had a little bit of everything. It also has Richard Jenkins.

SR: What one piece of advice would you give to people who are just starting their own band?

Drew: I guess…when you get your band together, aside from the obvious practicing, before you do anything try and have some material, you know, demo something, have something up to show people. Try and get something that you can give to people, even if it’s just a live video or something. And also, something that we learned, don’t play in the same place every week. Spread it out and be patient.

The District Attorneys – free EPs


finally got around to downloading the two free EPs released by The District Attorneys.

i got the newer full length physical CD version (mp3 version only $5) along with some super cool stickers in the mail last week.

they have a total of 2 EPs and 1 LP available.

the EPs are available for free at their bandcamp page.

the full length CD can be ordered via the band’s bandcamp page or downloaded in mp3 form from TIAM’s website.

the first EP:

released 20 April 2010
All songs by Drew Beskin
All songs performed by The District Attorneys
Produced by Thomas Johnson, Drew Beskin and Carter King
Mixed by Thomas Johnson
Mastered by Tom Lewis

“Orders From​.​.​.​” EP
by The District Attorneys

the second EP description:

While writing and prepping to get into the studio this November to record our first full length, we have been making demos of new material in our homes and testing the songs out at shows. To bridge the gap between now and when the album is finished and released in early 2012 we have decided to release some of these demos in their early stages. The six track EP offers 5 new originals and a cover of “Wrecking Ball” written by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. “Wrecking Ball” features our first track to have all 5 members of the band sing lead and we hope we did the song justice. So there you have it, please enjoy this free EP of pre-production demos and get excited for a full album coming real soon! Please share with friends

The DAs


released 11 October 2011
The District Attorneys
Chris Wilson
Drew Beskin
Frank Keith IV
TJ Mimbs
Walker BeardAll music by The District Attorneys
tracks 1,2 and 4 lyrics by Drew Beskin
tracks 3 and 5 lyrics by TJ Mimbs
Copyright 2011
Except for “Wrecking Ball” music and lyrics by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings
All demos recorded and mixed by TJ Mimbs

Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP
by The District Attorneys

glad to see on their About Us page they explained the origin of their name:

At the 2012 Flagpole Music Awards in Athens, GA, The DAs were honored to take home Best Album Artwork and Best Album for Slowburner as well as Artist of the Year.
Formed in late 2009, The District Attorneys are a band of young twenty-somethings from Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Founded by high school friends, Drew Beskin and Chris Wilson, The D.A.s are a blend of various styles (Americana, Indie, Pop) and are influenced by The Replacements and Modest Mouse as much as the Beach Boys and Rilo Kiley. Like these artists, The D.A.s (named after a Bob Dylan song) try to expand their sound while believing in the key ingredient….great songs.



apologies for the grody keyboard shot — it’s hard to take pics without getting glare and my trusty old keyboard(1) was the perfect prop.

got the new District Attorneys record and the new Matthew Sweet record yesterday. it’s like Christmas in September. yay!

(1) Love my Microsoft Natural Keyboard — which they don’t make anymore. i always joke when folks make fun of how yellow and old and clunky it looks that they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands when i die.