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Steve Martin Has to Leave


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Seeing as it is December I am going to shut this blog off.

I plan on leaving this blog as is so that it can be a record of both the trip — and the research and preparation i did to take the roadtrip down south. that part of the blog, the prep, was actually just as enjoyable an experience as the roadtrip itself. not shocking, but wanted to mention that. just sort of looking back, am coming to these realizations.

Thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with some lovely folks along the journey — Amy and Marian and Ian et al. — as well as fellow Postcarders at Wigginstock 2012 and beyond. Also nice to spend my first Korean-American Thanksgiving in the boozum of the fam at my sister’s in Aurora.

But like Steve Martin, above, I have really enjoyed the process of blogging. I don’t want to leave. So I decided to continue at a new blog HERE, if you are interested in following along, please join me.

Happy Holidays, 2012!

Ice sculpture at Time Warner Center

Ice sculpture at Time Warner Center


drip… drip… dripping…