LaGuardia to Denver


waiting on a part?!?

my flight was delayed at LaGuardia. they told us they were waiting on a part for my plane. for four hours today. haven’t flown United Airlines in forever. completely full plane. as i was going to my seat and the space got tighter i had a bit of the claustrophobia. yikes.

question: do airlines ever think that maybe it takes forever to plane and de-plane because the space is so tight? maybe this is acceptable but compare contrast to my road trip flying just SUCKED.

the people at the gate were — i thought — considering what an impossible situation it was, pretty great. they handled a lot of very irate New Yorkers very well. though i still say flying has become the most uncomfortable form of travel in the US that we have today.

my sistere is so organized! i’m a calendar item!

we were talking about the upcoming fud for thanksgiving. i’m already in seventh heaven!

one of my nieces drew this. what a talented girl….


saw this picture on twitter and thought is was just so beautiful. my sister is going to play with her quartet this week. can’t wait.

cellist Alisa Weilerstein – from Tablet Mag


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