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so i had the chance to spend the night with a good family friend from Lincoln — another treat of this trip. Ian lives on this crazy steep hill / cliffside. i have loved Pittsburgh so much, ever since a summer program i did at Carnegie-Mellon University during high school. it’s what got me on the path to going to Michigan, in a weird but very roundabout way, which leads me to where i am today.

plus it’s so freaking green and pretty. i just love that about Pittsburgh.

Ian and Katy have a nice backyard. i loved this sculpture. Katy is an artist so there’s a lot of cool stuff all over their house.

cool sculpture at Ian and Katy’s house in Pittsburgh

hot ginge alert!

we stayed up late (late for me now is past midnight!) to see the without parallel brilliance that is Louis CK on Saturday Night Live. let’s just say that Louis did a GREAT job, i laughed more than i’ve laughed at SNL in a long long time, and actually watched every skit. the music (Fun) was painful, as usual. yuck. but Louis was great…..

Louis CK on Saturday Night Live, November 3, 2012

there was a great spoof of his TV show. i’m already over this dumb Abraham Lincoln craze (?). Spielberg yet again over-scores his films and makes me want to take a nap. he may be a proficient but he drives. every. point. home. so deliberately it just telegraphs everything as it happens. yucky filmmaking.

anyway….  Louis at Abe. read something about how when they were filming this the village was still without power / completely dark. which freaked him out a lot. because the village is not supposed to be like that.

Louis CK as Lincoln on SNL

this was a gross but awesome bit. the myth of the last people left at the bar hooking up. which seems like a rule or something.


this was pretty on point, given the election and everyone being so afraid to admit it’s a lot about race.

“but i don’t have any black friends…”


this was how Indian, the dog, likes to sit. i fell in love with him. he’s not really a dog. he’s more of a person. 100%.

dawg named Indian (he likes to hide)

fud for brunch

this morning (Sunday) we had a great brunch. i whipped out the addictive okra chips from Mississippi. this is a better picture than i’ve gotten previously.

a better picture of the okra chips

these come from Katy’s garden. such interesting shapes. since Katy is very much from the south it was great to have southern-influenced food as my last gasp of this trip. i’m going to miss all of this stuff i’ve been experiencing — the food, the people, the landscapes. just all of it….

green tomatoes from Katy’s garden

these were dipped in yoghurt and egg and then rolled in falafel mix. very light healthy.

fried green tomatoes (baked once)

this batch was double baked i think, so they were more crunchy. they were yummy!

fried green tomatoes (well, baked)

and this is a blurry (sorry) picture of how Katy was making hers. it looked so good….

fried green tomatoes with cream cheese and a little bit of Sriracha

fell in love with Indian. he let me pet him and i was in heaven.


in the backyard “harvesting” the green tomatoes. apparently they have a hedgehog problem so not a lot of crops from the garden survive.

picking the tomatoes


music has been the new Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon, which for two days now i can’t seem to quit. i got the deluxe version and haven’t had the chance to sample the bonus tracks. this is a long, delicious sip of gorgeous storytelling and soothing melodic riffs. i think it’s my fall discovery. highly highly recommend.

to continue the underlying theme of suicide that has unwaveringly threaded itself through this journey, my favorite track is this one:

Song For Richard Collopy”  (Spotify link, sorry it doesn’t look like it’s on video yet)

“Elaine” is also wonderful — once it hits the 2 minute mark there’s a riff that played loud is beyond sublime….

next steps

i was literally falling asleep from accumulated exhaustion driving through these somewhat traumatizing winding highways of Penna so i decided to err on the side of safety and get a hotel for the last night. and make the final attempt tomorrow.

am going to try (if i’m not too stressed and can figure it out) to bring in a donation to either Staten Island or Brooklyn or Queens. i also need to make sure to bring in some groceries as i have no idea what that situation is going to be like in the city, if the trucks can’t get in because gas is so hard to come by.

oh my poor city.


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