Sad to leave Mississippi but not without a Trace…


so long Mississippi (hello Tennessee)

Natchez Trace Parkway — Tennessee River

Natchez Trace Parkway — up the hill from the Tennessee River

Natchez Trace Parkway — Colbert’s Stand

could not wrap my head about the correct pronunciation of this place. kept using the Colbert Report pronunciation…. Damn him!

this was definitely cool. i’m glad i took the 5 minutes to check this out….

Natchez Trace Parkway — trees

Natchez Trace Parkway — one of the scene views

Natchez Trace Parkway — Information Center just north of Tupelo

spent the night in Tupelo — god i love saying the names of these towns — and then headed down the Natchez Trace Parkway towards the “quad cities” (Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield, Alabama).


Alabama cotton fields

i was supposed to go back onto the Trace and head up to Nashville that way but after a bit of frustrating dithering around in Florence where i hit at lunchtime and it was a madhouse where i wanted to eat so i got the now gross to me junk food, i decided to scrap that and hustle up to Nashville.

when i crossed into Tennessee i was definitely a bit heartsick. i have gotten to see many nooks and crannies of Mississippi and it has been a good thing.



yeah yeah yeah. impulse control. blah blah blah. just bought a bunch of CDs yesterday. i know….

but this is Grimey’s — a store i’ve heard about for what seems like forever. and the guy who owns it, i’ve seen him play with Bobby Bare Jr. a bunch of times. it was the only reason i even dipped into Nashville on this leg of the trip. so i’m okay with it, though it was probably one of the last record buying splurges i’ll have in a very long time. when i get home the reality of a new job / career shift is going to make this look like the fantasyland that it is.

Grimey’s — Nashville, TN

so this is what i picked up. i truly needed more rocking — less mellow and flowy — music than what i got at Oxford. not that there’s anything wrong with that of course. but i was a bit horrified to realize i was almost falling asleep at the wheel this morning driving the Trace because i needed coffee, didn’t get enough sleep, and the music wasn’t energizing me. so i feel like i’m going to just accept this as part of my trip and move on.

  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Now Here’s My Plan
  • Divine Fits, A Thing Called Divine Fits
  • Dwight Yoakam, 3 Pears
  • Father John Misty, Fear Fun
  • JD McPherson, Signs & Signifiers
  • JEFF The Brotherhood, Hypnotic Nights
  • Kelly Hogan, I Like To Keep Myself In Pain
  • Menahan Street Band, The Crossing
  • Shuggie Otis, Inspiration Information
  • The Sugarman 3, What The World Needs Now
  • Sun Kil Moon, Among the Leaves (deluxe)
  • Waco Brothers & Paul Burch, Great Chicago Fire

the scene of the crime

i got help and awesome recommendations from a couple people at the store, but i ended up chatting with Noah Uman, a recent NYC (well Jersey City) transplant to Nashville. loved talking with him. much thanks for the kind conversation and geeking out about music. that was fun!

Noah Uman, former WFMU deejay (Coffee Break for Heroes and Villains) and really smart guy

Yo La Tengo promo material at Grimey’s. love this

Kopecky Family Band – in store at Grimey’s

when i was picking out my CDs all of a sudden these people started bringing equipment into the store with a purpose. turns out Kopecky Family Band was doing an in-store. yeah, more serendipitous timing / experiences. i stayed for this. they were really enjoyable. beautiful harmonies and you can tell they are really doing

Fud: Edley’s BBQ

grateful thanks to Clay Wallace, Nashville postcarder extraordinaire, for the recommendation of the closest bbq that did not suck.

Edley’s — Nashville, TN

Edley’s BBQ — Nashville, TN
Shrimp po boy with a bunch of sides


so now i’m holed up outside of Louisville, KY. onwards and upwards towards home.

Kentucky. yeah, that’s where i’m at!


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