Mississippi Delta


it is beyond weird to be in the Mississippi Delta while everyone in New York City and the eastern seaboard is dealing with such a massive storm. i feel like i should be home but i spent Irene curled up in a fetal position in my closet worried my windows were going to blow out so yeah i’m fine with being up here chilling.

Sunday morning breakfast

had the ritual Sunday morning breakfast at The Sawmill, which as always is completely wrong on most maps. i got headed up north towards some amorphous sawmill and was going 65 mph before i remembered i did this last time, that Sawmill is down south of where we were….

banana puddin at The Sawmill — Wiggins, MS

they have a buffet but i needed some solid sustenance that was of the breakfast variety


panorama of post-Wigginstock breakfast


leaving “home”

that would be the Wiggins home…

not going to lie. got a little moist and sad on the drive up north.


music for this bit was Centro-matic’s new record, then as i started going into the Delta (essentially when i first spotted cotton on the side of the road) and had to drive 55 mph, i pulled out the Elmore James. heck yeah!


found this cool fruit stand on the side of the road. had a crazy yummy sandwich from there (sorry no pic) and sweet tea and some okra chips and started feeling okay / hopeful about the upcoming adventure.

Country Tyme Fruit Stand
(601) 268-0854
7760 U S Highway 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Near the intersection of U S Highway 49 and US-49/Ryner Rd

Country Tyme Fruit Stand — Hattiesburg, MS


Blue Bell Rainbow Freeze
procured from Country Tyme Fruit Stand — Hattiesburg, MS

the center has concentric nested circles of color inside — highly recommend this
Blue Bell Rainbow Freeze
procured from Country Tyme Fruit Stand — Hattiesburg, MS

heck yeah! Okra Chips of AWESOMENESS
from Country Tyme Fruit Stand — Hattiesburg, MS

sorry to say i didn’t investigate this rest stop’s historical attraction. my throat was getting sore and i could tell it was going to be a bit of a challenging haul to get up to the Delta before dark. regret not taking the time.

Pocahontas Mounds rest stop — US Route 49, Mississippi

Shack Up Inn

my home for a little bit while i recover from a bad sore throat / cough / cold. wasn’t sleeping much and it was freaking cold at W’12 so i’m not surprised i got sick. okay though to have a welcoming, sweet place to lay my head.

Shack Up Inn — Clarksdale, MS

am pretty sure Stevie Ray Vaughn did a cover of this…. this CD has been my soundtrack since i got to the Mississippi Delta.

seems fitting given the storm hitting the east coast….





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