New Orleans, Gulfport and W’12 Friday night


not sure how coherent any of these posts are going to be. am pretty overwhelmed by how many people i’ve seen and have been able to talk with and reconnect with. and i know i haven’t talked to a lot of people i want to. it’s an exercise in impossibility, but i will try…. šŸ™‚

add to that great GREAT food and just insanely talented music and i’m on total overload. yeah, that’s Wigginstock. and it has just barely begun.

New Orleans, food and sustenance

yesterday was able to wake up and have a bit more time in New Orleans. grabbed breakfast with Anne, Bruce, and Jersey Joe at Cafe Beignet not too far from the hotel.

Jersey Joe and Anne W (my roomie in New Orleans). Bruce W was here too. damn i love these people.

a little Sweet Treat — at Cafe Beignet

ham and cheese omelette, grits, and bread — Cafe Beignet

beignets — at Cafe Beignet

a beignet. still hot. thank god we shared orders. sooooo good!

Jersey Joe wanted to make a stop as we drove my grumpy ass out of New Orleans. i will definitely be back.

there was vinyl everywhere.

Euclid Records — New Orleans

vinyl everywhere. pur little 45s!

almost all vinyl

somewhat massive

Gulfport, stopping for a bite to eat

we just missed a bunch of postcarders — saw some folks in the parking lot on their way up to W.

Blow Fly Inn — Gulfport, MS

Blow Fly Inn — Gulfport, MS

grilled shrimp and steamed vegetables

sort of fell off my chair (of my mind) at the concept that i could ask for something to eat that wasn’t deep fried, and it would be just as enjoyable — if not more so.

i’ve made it a practice this trip to really trust the waitstaff to help me figure out the most popular and scrumpdillyicious option of what to eat. i figure they are going to know what the most solid choice is. i haven’t been steered wrong yet.

this dish was one that is going to be a touchstone in my life. before and after Blow Fly Inn grilled shrimp.

perfectly grilled, seasoned with just a little bit of kick but also a little sweet. succulent shrimps. grilled vegetables — yellow carrots, which i’ve never seen / eaten. which was the perfect palette cleanser / complement to the shrimp.

just wonderful. if you are flying into Gulfport — often a cheaper alternative than flying into New Orleans — don’t miss out on this great place and outstanding food.

okay, not to overstate things or anything but these were literally the BEST grilled shrimp i’ve ever had

Bruce W and Jersey Joe and I were sitting inside, at a window table, which is above this lake basin where you can actually see the catfish jumping down below.

it was a breezy gorgeous sunny day, we had made excellent time driving from New Orleans accompanied by the great tunes of Sharon Van Etten.

i don’t know why but i know a lot of guys who don’t like woman singers. Bruce W and Jersey Joe are obviously moreĀ evolvedĀ than this — and have great taste in music, can appreciate Sharon Van Etten’s talent, which is prodigious. not to exaggerate or anything.

and so it begins…

Wigginstock 2012

i brought my Nikon D90 but really my iPhone 5 would have sufficed. as always my night photography pretty much sucks, so i will leave the picture taking to the postcard professionals at it.

here are some of my somewhat crap pics. just a record of the beginning of this great music and people event.

Dave ProvostĀ started off. amazing voice, great lyrics. yes please, i’d like some more!

So glad to see Magnolia Mountain play. when i listen to Sean’s Spotify mix every time their songs come on i always scramble to find out who this amazing band is. these guys are folks to check out 100%.

Some Dark Holler was the perfect complement to the night. she absolutely killed it on the violin (made me want to pick that up again). they have a new record out. need to pick that up.


i love these inter-song talks from Sean. informative, funny, heartfelt. the glue that holds it all together and makes sense of it all.

the women could use the inside bathrooms. loved that. i have headlamps if that gets too crazy and the port-a-potties have to happen….

more crap pictures — the unbelievably talented Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain played a perfect set: a mix of old and new songs. Laurie shredding it up and Carey bringing the sweet sweet blues. it gets me all verklempt how meshed they are when they play together. these are the folks who make it look so easy it’s not until later that you realize how insanely talented they are. well not really, you can see it when they play, but you know what i mean. Blue Mountain brings it. brought it.

and then Duquette Johnston played.

i don’t really have words to describe the new music Duquette is working on. it’s dark, gorgeous, dense singer-songwriter stuff. not a lot of twang. very connected to who and what Duquette is all about — at least that’s my impression of it. if you want a sense of all this, check out Duquette’s blog. it’s one of my favorites.

didn’t get a picture (sort of gave up because they were coming out so cruddy and my iPhone was completely out of jewce — as my people say ha ha ha). but got some tshirts from Morgan (Duquette’s wife).

Club Duquette — Duquette Johnston

please support this man and woman team. they are the real deal of making art and living a life in trust of that.

i send good vibes out in the world to these lovely folks.

love the tree in Sean and Rebecca’s yard. i think it is magical


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