New Orleans


today was the only full day of the trip in New Orleans. took me a while to blog this morning, plus i needed to get organized after all that driving. for some reason everything took me so much longer. i think i was pretty freaking baked after three days of intense driving.

confusing German (?) food in New Orleans

i wanted something quick and easy for breakfast / lunch so i went across the street from the hotel and got JagerHaus.

Pierogies from JagerHaus

Reuben from JagerHaus

i wasn’t really thinking clearly so this was not exactly what i wanted — heavier and i was / am very confused by all of this weirdly German food in New Orleans. not expecting all of these brats and stuff here…. but it was good and solid. and so close to the hotel i can’t complain.

am pretty appalled at the cost of everything in New Orleans. and this is coming from someone who lives in New York City. did not expect regular restaurant food to cost pretty much 25% to 50% more than it seems like it should cost.

i actually think food here in New Orleans is more expensive than in New York. to the point that it sort of freaks me out and i want to go back into the deep south away from these tourist / big city places and get some down home cooking that isn’t crazy expensive — or that much better than the regular food. i don’t know. was very confused by it all actually.

New Orleans “proper”

so had this meal, then was hoping to hit a couple record stores down here in the Latin Quarter. i was stressing out and feeling so much pressure to get out there and explore New Orleans. but i sort of had to let that go.

as it turns out, i literally sat down for a few minutes and before i knew it i had taken a nap. and it was time to go meet up with my friend Marian, who recently moved here  from New York.

took a cab over to Lakeview, which is near where she works, to a Mexican restaurant called The Velvet Cactus that eventually filled up with families and a lot of kids. great to catch up with Marian. always learn cool stuff from her and it had been a while.

there was a funky dog sculpture for the Louisiana SPCA.

Mosaic Dog
Location: Velvet Cactus 6300 Argonne Blvd.
Artist: Michael Grosch
Sponsor: Velvet Cactus

Uptown and environs

after Marian ate and we caught up for a while we went for a drive around a neighborhood where her nephew lives called Uptown. i was so glad to be able to get a glimpse of such truly fun and interesting architecture and to venture into neighborhoods i would not have seen otherwise. gorgeous live oak lined streets with houses of all different shapes and sizes. i hope to come back soon and explore more fully. great catch up with Marian and great to see more of New Orleans.

unfortunately our visit ran long so i missed the previously scheduled drinks getogether at the Pembertons’ lovely home. i regret that a lot. i really just did not have enough time.

Postcard family dinner

met up with Anne and we headed on over to the Postcard family dinner at fancy Luke’s restaurant. more confusing food — the French i got but still with the German (?). very very yummy. some of it very expensive.


Postcard family dinner at Luke’s

Postcard family dinner at Luke’s


fresh fruit cup

bread, which came toasty warm


Jumbo Louisiana Shrimp “en cocotte”
McEwen & Sons’ creamy white corn grits & Poche’s andouill


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