Staunton (say “Stanton”), VA to Gadsden, AL


an etching in my room, which reminds me of an etching we had at home growing up
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast Inn

so in the history of towns like Papillion (say “Pap-ill-ion”), NE and streets like Houston (say “How-ston”) Street in New York City, one of the things I loved learning today was that you pronounce Staunton like “Stanton” — not “Stawnton”….

kitty cat at Anne Hathaway’s B&B

had a tragically short but super enjoyable stay at Anne Hathaway’s Bed & Breakfast. the woman who runs it, Juliette, is wonderful, very patient (i emailed her when i was running late), and is British and reminded me of my Aunt Sheila. so that was a definite win. recommend this place if you are driving through Staunton and need a beautiful comfortable oasis to stay.

breakfast at Kathy’s in Staunton

had a great breakfast catching up with former CS co-worker and just all around awesome Amy Wratchford. still have warm fuzzies!

where i learned about warm fuzzies — and maybe explaining a lot about me
T.A. for TOTS

god, i think i’m having flashbacks to my childhood. oy!

slightly sinister

Meeting up and catching up with Amy breath of fresh air. Restores faith in the goodness of connections and people. that’s what i wrote as a note to myself on the road….
the waitress at Kathy’s asked if we took a breath because there was so much to talk about. the best part of working at Credit Suisse has always been the people — and this just hit home to me today. given the fact that Trent is gone now, i encourage all you CS folks to reach out to each other and don’t put it off. i was sort of down in the dumps and stressed on day one of the trip. seeing Amy and catching up was just what the doctor ordered! thank you Amy!!! xo
Staunton is this gorgeous town that has almost all of its original architecture (i.e., it wasn’t destroyed during the Civil War). i think folks think it’s just a stop on I-81 but if you take a 5 minute drive into town it’s these windy streets with stunning historic buildings and a gajillion coffee shops and loads of stuff to explore. i am definitely coming back.
Amy let me take a quick peek into the American Shakespeare Center.

American Shakespeare Center (Staunton, VA)

and an interior shot of the theater which only barely captures how lovingly they have recreated the original (which no longer exists in England).

The Blackfriars Playhouse at the American Shakespeare Center

for more info here’s a video:

music on the road

and incomplete list i’ll try to update / add links to….

day 1 (New York, NY to Staunton, VA):

Chris Knight, Little Victories — great record. you must buy this NOW
TV on the Radio
Kimbra — of Gotye fame. great record
Sharon Van Etten

day 2 (Staunton VA to Gadsden, AL):

Sharon Van Etten
Patterson Hood’s new one

judgments and music

i am super judgmental. i know that about myself. not proud. i think it’s a built-in genetic thing from both sides of my very colorful family. but when it comes to music and art and just stuff, i think i sometimes make some glaring judgments. Bonnie Raitt’s record, Nick of Time, which i reviewed as a deejay at WCBN-FM 88.3 Ann Arbor and shockingly panned comes to mind. and Patterson Hood’s solo work. i think i heard one track off his other solo record and was like meh. well i need to say i’m a judgmental bitch sometimes. and flat out wrong sometimes.

Patterson Hood, Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance

just do yourself a favor and buy Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance.
tracks 3 and tracks 11 are my picks but the whole thing is amazing and interesting and words are really failing me how this is becoming a touchstone record. indicative of my arrival into Alabama — couldn’t have been better timed to drive through Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga, Tennessee and be listening to Patterson Hood‘s new record.
this he does on the record with Kelly Hogan, vocalist extraordinare….
i remember hearing about this song, but hadn’t connected the dots. it’s about Vic Chestnutt, another person who didn’t make it. damn. i’m all verklempt now….

Vic Chesnutt, Come Back Little Star

i am running late so just some random things. and today the blog has weird spacing i can’t seem to fix so blargh! and please forgive typos and general sloppy writing….
  • rest stops are awesome. convenient, picnic tables, clean crappers, free! love them
  • don’t stare into the fiery red ball of the sun as it is setting. i think i drove with one eye for a couple hours day 1 like a dumbass cause i did that. dear lord
  • Amy was going to the Bruce Springsteen appearance at the Virginia Obama for America Rally in Charlottesville. so great on all counts
  • Amy and i talked about the incredible King Arthur Flour blog (hi Martin!). it’s one of the best food blogs i follow
  • and knitting. i brought yarn and needles. hope i get a breath to set something up because i could use something relaxing on this trip. i’m a bit whacked from being so stimulated
  • not doing the Blue Ridge Parkway due to time, unfortunately. next time. when i go to see a show at American Shakespeare Center and make a proper trip of Staunton and environs

Cracker Barrel!

hells bells i had no idea how great Cracker Barrel is. i think my waitress thought i was weird (yeah well) but i was so freaking grateful to have yummy food and great twang music playing. we need these up north, that’s for goddamned sure.

Cracker Barrel dinner, hell yeah!

and to top it off, as if this sampler platter wasn’t enough.

baked apples and biscuits oh my
Cracker Barrel in Gadsden, AL


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