Trent Bright, R.I.P.


so the night before i was going to leave on this roadtrip, i got some really sad news.

a recent picture of Trent (on the left) with one of his students

a former co-worker and supervisor, Trent Bright, killed himself.

Trent Barry Bright

Trent Barry Bright
1963 – 2012
We say good bye for now to Trent Barry Bright who passed away in West Bountiful, Utah October 18, 2012. Trent was born July 31, 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Barry H. Bright and Donna Seely Bright. Although Trent’s life was short it was filled with laughter and music. He loved a good joke and told jokes better than anyone. He had a wry sense of humor and in every situation was the one who made everybody laugh. Trent loved good music. He had a beautiful singing voice and his family loved to hear him sing. He enjoyed listening to music of all kinds and was a talented piano player. Trent graduated from BYU with a BA in Theater Arts and belonged to the Young Ambassadors where he developed many lifelong friendships. He then obtained a Masters Degree from the University of California Irvine. Trent lived many years in New York City pursuing his dreams and acting career and felt fortunate to perform in several Off-Broadway productions. Musical Theater was in his blood and was truly his passion. He taught at the Salt Lake Academy for the Performing Arts for the 2011-2012 school year. From the time Trent was a little boy he loved animals of all kinds, from the common pets such as dogs and guinea pigs to the not so ordinary kinds of pets such as skunks and raccoons. Trent was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and fulfilled a mission to the Belgium, Brussels Mission.
Trent is survived by his Mother, Donna Seely Bright Linford (Golden), his sister Beki Alder (Mark) and brother Tai Bright (Vickie) and his nieces, Jesica, Abby, Tarisa, Kelci, Lakyn, Hannah and nephews Dannon and Zac and his dog Jackpot.
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.” We love you and will miss you dearly until we meet again. Online guest book at

remembering Trent

i hadn’t kept in touch with Trent after he left Credit Suisse First Boston (as it was called back then before it became Credit Suisse), but i used to think of him often. and hoped he was happy.

last i knew he was living in the gorgeous state of Idaho, working at Fidelity.

along with what is a pretty large number of awesome and talented folks who i got to know from this job, i joined Facebook and became “friends” with Trent — but hadn’t done more than track him down on facebook and (what i regret now) superficially connect as a facebook friend, without much interaction.

Trent and i used to work an exceedingly massive amount of hours, and when we would stop by sign-out to sign our dot matrix 11″ x 17″ timesheet, we would joke about who had hit the most number of hours. i think that i only beat Trent once — at 72 hours. 72 hours is a pretty horrifying amount of hours to me now, but i was really broke and it was really busy at work and that was a different time then, when working at an investment bank was a fun, easy, very fruitful job — or at least seemed to be for our team of bright, extremely computer proficient and detail oriented word processors. the bankers were working 24/7, and there was a large group of us supporting them, working along side them…

this was pre-9/11, when our boss was Viki Touchberry.

post-9/11 in new york, and after Viki so sadly died from cancer, at some point Trent became the supervisor of our motley group. which was weird because he had this super dry sense of humor and would say things that would make me laugh, but with a bit of an ouch of truth. i still remember that twinkle in his eye, and his laugh.

anyway, i was driving all day yesterday, and got sort of choked up a few times thinking about Trent. thinking about how he was too young, how suicide is an act that reverberates in really wide-reaching ways. how it’s a tragedy and is avoidable, but is often seen as the only choice by many people.

i was going to keep a journal of the music i was listening to on this trip, with pictures of food. i sort of failed at that on day one. not sure if i will go back and reconstruct day one or not or just try again on day two.

i drove out of new york city into new jersey listening to Chris Knight‘s new record, Little Victories.

i listened to that for a lot of miles.

but then as it got later in the afternoon and the sun was setting, and i started thinking about Trent more, i picked out a CD from the hodge podge i have left from having all my stuff in storage. surprising, because this is an older CD. but one that i think really suits when having all these emotions about Trent taking his life so young, way too soon. so sad.

Elliott Smith: Waltz #2 from XO

Elloitt Smith also died too young. was also talented and smart like Trent. i’m just so sad right now.

to be blunt: it sort of sucks.

Trent’s memorial wall

there’s a wall set up on Facebook where people posted lots of pictures and memories of Trent. it’s called Trent’s Page.


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