NYC to Staunton


So I don’t know what crackhead resource I consulted that estimated 6 hours from NYC to Staunton, VA but yeah, NO.

Gyöngy Laky
the opposite of this….

I picked up my rental around noon and took the battery tunnel, then the holland tunnel (one freaking lane?!?) then drove eternally through New Jersey, finally got to Pennsylvania and the cool Italian sandwich place in Easton, PA (was there for about 15 minutes), then to Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA for the flop sweat consumer experience (about an hour).

And then interminably through Pennsylvania via I-78 then I-81 south through Maryland, West Virginia, to Staunton, VA.

I stopped maybe twice for leg stretches. And got here around 11:30 pm! Crazy!

So hopefully I can get to New Orleans from here by Wednesday night. I’m not hopeful I will arrive before the winter ice melts but here’s hoping.

And for anyone who bitches about apple maps, that and my cigarette charger dual USB thing to charge my iPhone have been godsends.

Sorry had hoped to do a more fluffy post but I am going to go sleep and hope for a more chill day tomorrow. Oy.

Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA

kill diorama number 1

kill diorama number 2


animals flying through the air


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