thanks to the many kind recommendations of postcarders and friends, the backbone of my trip is going to be at least one — but hopefully two — parkway experiences on the road.

i figure i will have enough highway driving from nyc to new orleans and environs and back to satisfy the speed and truck stop junkie in me. and since this trip is happening during the perfect time to see the fall foliage — my favorite time of year — the parkways are just beckoning to me.

Blue Ridge Parkway

the question will be how to visit all the cool places i’m gathering over at my research spot on Pinterest — and maximize fun while not wasting time zig zagging all over the South. not that there’s anything wrong with that but i only have 10 days, and two and a half of those will be at W’12.

i don’t know — even with all this time i have been spending researching — how organized and prepared i will be. actually maybe that’s okay. i think this trip is going to be a bit rough around the edges in many respects.

The Brinegar Cabin at Milepost 238.5 near Doughton Park in North Carolina (from Learn NC)

i am torn between the tantalizing offerings of both Memphis and Nashville. they will constitute the back leg of my trip (i think).

Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

beyond parkways and driving, there is so much about this trip that i want to capture, which i will be doing with the help of this blog (and flickr and facebook, i’m sure).

per the National Park Service:
“The Old Trace Drive, at milepost 375.8 is a great place to see fall colors in mid to late October.”

i was looking for a nice trip diary / travelog app but didn’t find one that seemed like a good fit. splurged at the app store on some cool iPhone apps for gas prices, roadside attractions, truckstops, etc. so i’m feeling equipped — as long as there is reception wherever i go. otherwise i have my handy dandy huge ass atlas that should carry me through.


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