the first leg of my trip will be a straight shot from New York City to Staunton, Virginia. i am really excited to stay at this cool looking bed and breakfast my first night out. only disappointment is that i wish i could see a performance at the American Shakespeare Center seeing as another veteran of the money job trenches (hi Amy!) works there, but they don’t have shows on Mondays and Tuesdays, and i suspect the trip back home to New York City will be a bit of a rush to make it in time to vote.

now i’m digging around their website i’m a little bummed at the missed opportunity. the theater is very cool.

The Merchant of Venice at American Shakespeare Center

i mean, really….

The Merchant of Venice

and then this totally romantic looking scene.

The Merchant of Venice

well if i have enough time maybe i can make a detour and see Cymbeline on Halloween…. hmmm. have to keep this in mind.

i hope i can find equally cool places to stay and things like this to do on the road.


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