scaffolding, moses and i’m sorry


week 3 and counting

since the recent changes, i have had the pleasure of going out and about in new york a heck of a lot more than before. it has been a real blessing to rediscover the joys of new york city living. taking the subway to places i don’t know very well (brooklyn!). exploring nooks and crannies of manhattan. reaching out to friends and actually hanging out. shocker!

Tatzu Nishi: Discovering Columbus

it felt like i was in a rat-in-a-cage / stuck-in-a-rut living mode during the last few years especially. working really hard and a lot of hours and getting my master’s degree in library science. which i rushed through despite all the (20/20 hindsight) guidance of smart people saying to go through slowly if possible.

The New York State Supreme Court Building, at 360 Adams Street on Cadman Plaza, was built by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon in 1957.

not to ahem judge…


well maybe.

but hopefully with a little beneficent compassion….

help me rhonda

so here i am, at a literal and figurative crossroads. this roadtrip demarcates this shift beautifully. i am looking forward to it even more than before.


the first week i felt pretty positive about things.

the second week i just totally freaked. felt really discouraged, stressed, couldn’t seem to get any relief from the self-created pressure of trying to put my new life together, stat!

the third week, this weekend, i made a decision as it began to get my foot off my neck….

You want to get your foot off my neck! [i don’t even need someone else to do this to me, can do it to myself!]
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Homosassa, FL.

and with that sound advice from a good friend, that’s exactly what i am doing.

and so it is resolved…

i am going to enjoy this month of October and my road trip to the fullest of my abilities.

i am not going to go crazy with the spending but i am going to have fun.

i have been working for 15 years straight: This is my time to say goodbye to that era and welcome what my future holds.

not to natter on and on about this stuff, just wanted to mention it as the framework for this southern road trip. which i am grateful for and excited for and can’t believe that in a week i will definitely be on the way…


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