mapping a route


a little behind on planning / prepping for this trip. can’t sort of focus all the balls that are up in the air.

looking into the route for the trip up and down south.

started looking at places i wanted to check out and then got a little worried. this is the south we’re talking about, right….?

nah, right?

this is more like what i’m looking for…..

i’m more hoping i can find places like this.

Dolly Parton’s childhood home / Tennessee Mountain Home (replica at Dollywood)

so the route i’m thinking of starting from is hauling ass from New York through Pennsylvania — getting as far as i can the first day in one haul to at least Harrisburg, PA, but hopefully a bit further.

then take some time and dilly dally in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee before i skeedaddle on down to Mississippi.

for some reason i really want to go to Louisville, Kentucky. i don’t think i’ve been there before, but i remember going to Louisville, Nebraska for some art / music festival as a child. i just sorta like saying the name.  loooou-ville. something just so great about that….

a new pal told me about Virigina’s Crooked Road — i may hit that on the way home….  haven’t decided.


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