just got a gander at the calendar and uh yeah, W’12 is 2 freaking weeks away. dear lord i am not ready.

have not been much in the place to do much blogging the last couple of weeks due to the change in job sitiation…. and requisite curling up in a fetal position. though am starting to crawl out of my hole and am dealing, one day at a time, as it were.


was reading through the informal guide and wanted to find out more about Stone County, Mississippi being a dry county. YEP, that’s right, a dry county*.

Mississippi Department of Revenue – Alcoholic Beverage Control Wet/Dry Map

W is down there on the bottom, two counties up, in Stone County.

* A dry county is a county in the United States whosegovernment forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages. Some prohibit off-premises sale, some prohibit on-premises sale, and some prohibit both. Hundreds of dry counties exist across the United States, a majority of them in the South. A number of smaller jurisdictions also exist, such as cities, towns and townships, which prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages. These are known as dry townsdry cities or dry townships.

saw this map and thought it was cool….

Blue  Wet Counties
Yellow  Semi-dry Counties
Red  Dry Counties

anyhoo, from our fearless awesomeness:

That means that alcohol is illegal. No booze. No wine. No beer. At all. It is a misdemeanor to possess any of these items anywhere within the four corners of Stone County…except W…and even then…you can only legally possess beer.

the fact that W is an exception for beer, you can see here:

Wet/Dry Map for Legal Beer Sales in Mississippi

glad i’m not much of a drinker, but for those who are, just a heads up….


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