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District Attorneys — bonus tracks from SLOWBURNER


District Attorneys — bonus tracks from SLOWBURNER

The District Attorneys
Light Years / In Your Dreams
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Light Years & In Your Dreams were recorded by Drew Vandenberg (The Whigs, Patterson Hood, Deerhunter, Futurebirds) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA during the SLOWBURNER sessions. After collecting dust for the better part of a year, we decided to bring these two songs back to life. We hope you enjoy them in either order possible (you only have two choices). It’s an all-digital release but let’s pretend it’s a 7″ for romance’s sake.

Mixed by TJ Mimbs at Easy Street Productions (www.easystreetathens.com)

Mastered by Tom Lewis (www.theatombrothers.com)

Released by The District Attorneys (Slowburner Music, ASCAP) with a little help from our label folks at This Is American Music (thisisamericanmusic.com)


released 21 September 2012

Lauderdale – yourn mine ourn


Jim Lauderdale, Bluegrass (2006)
cover artwork by Jon Langford

when i first heard about the band, Lauderdale, i was pretty annoyed by their name. folks on postcard were buzzing about this band and as far as i was concerned the only Lauderdale was Mr. Jim Lauderdale, a singer-songwriter i’ve been a fan of for a super long time.

Dr. Ralph Stanley and Jim Lauderdale’s record
I Feel Like Singing Today

in addition to some great bluegrass records, Jim has put out probably too many records for his own good — it feels like one every year or so.

so i was hearing this buzz and was thinking is was about “my” Jim:

“my” Jim Lauderdale

heard super last minute that Jim was playing Madison Square Park’s music series last weekend, so since it’s basically my backyard of work i went.

Jim Lauderdale & band at Madison Square Park last weekend

it has been way too long since i saw live music. it’s like that muscle has sort of atrophied. i only stayed a few songs cause it was pretty twangy for my friend Jafe — and we needed to get back to work, had just left for a quick break. i never was able to relax and get into the vibe of the music completely but what i felt connected to was the lyrics — they really got pulled out for me this time seeing Jim. i’ve seen him play a bunch of times but for some reason i really heard his words. and that was great.

the shot above reminded me of this one from W’10.

so back to THIS Lauderdale…. (oops there’s more than one Lauderdale)….

their This Is American Music release, Moving On.

Lauderdale’s Moving On (via This Is American Music)


apparently, i need to get my panties out of a bunch because Lauderdale (this band) get their name from the county in Alabama where they come from — have nothing to do with my Lauderdale (Jim Lauderdale).

Lauderdale County, Alabama — note the proximity to Muscle Shoals…