National Grain


Jeff Moore is in Flint Hill Specials.

He was in a band called National Grain.

it is probably an unfair comparison cause i don’t know shit about the phenomenon of National Grain but they remind me — in a lot of good ways — of some of the earlier Bloodshot Records bands. i’m trying to find the song / vibe that i’m hearing — it’s probably the steel guitar and the vocals. i don’t know if it’s Split Lip Rayfield or what.

Scroat Belly. sob… R.I.P. Kirk.

Scroat Belly. excellent record

but then i fell into a Scott H. Biram k-hole.

which led to this….

i think a lot of the music that will be at W’12 is more regional in nature. and i think i am not going to know a lot of the stories behind the music and the bands, much less the stories behind who the people are in the bands — and all of the connections. sometimes you just have to be there and experience it.


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