i’m very excited to be planning for this roadtrip down south.

my job has changed significantly — not for the better: more stress, less autonomy, more headaches. so i really need a vacation. haven’t really had a lot of vacations in recent years that don’t involve the fam, so this one is sort of exciting.

i plan on using my friend Debra Jane’s insanely thorough website, Roadside Architecture, to map out stops to look at cool buildings, oversized statues, and stuff that i can just generally lollygag at and bliss out to in person. between her website, blog and flickr stream i’m a little overwhelmed.

these are a few of my favorites Debra Jane has taken.

Mint Bar

and are the kinds of places i’d love to hunt down.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

King Tut Drive-in

the places Debra Jane documents, some of them make me laugh. a lot.

Lone Ranger?

this building just hypnotizes me it’s so cool. it’s mesmerizing.

Nolde Brothers Bakery Building

and i have to say that all of this planning has gotten me to thinking about maybe shifting some things / making some decisions and including furry critters like Debra Jane’s in my life. we’ll see….

darned right we're ready!


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