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Magnolia Mountain: Sads


another new video (released yesterday) from Magnolia Mountain.

really pretty harmonies, sad song of young love lost…. that’s one huge band!




i’m very excited to be planning for this roadtrip down south.

my job has changed significantly — not for the better: more stress, less autonomy, more headaches. so i really need a vacation. haven’t really had a lot of vacations in recent years that don’t involve the fam, so this one is sort of exciting.

i plan on using my friend Debra Jane’s insanely thorough website, Roadside Architecture, to map out stops to look at cool buildings, oversized statues, and stuff that i can just generally lollygag at and bliss out to in person. between her website, blog and flickr stream i’m a little overwhelmed.

these are a few of my favorites Debra Jane has taken.

Mint Bar

and are the kinds of places i’d love to hunt down.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

King Tut Drive-in

the places Debra Jane documents, some of them make me laugh. a lot.

Lone Ranger?

this building just hypnotizes me it’s so cool. it’s mesmerizing.

Nolde Brothers Bakery Building

and i have to say that all of this planning has gotten me to thinking about maybe shifting some things / making some decisions and including furry critters like Debra Jane’s in my life. we’ll see….

darned right we're ready!

o koozie where art thou?


the Koozie

you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the LOoSC koozies on facebook

these koozies are well traveled beyond North America

and may or may not be part of Frank Turner‘s Illuminati. hmmm

they come in many variations…  Preacher RoeMagnolia Mountain, W’10, LOoSC, Glossary

and are both beautiful and iconic

a small selection:

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