dig dig digging


dig dig digging –> Centro-matic’s Only In My Double Mind

looks like it is more stellar work by Helms Workshop. the flying pizzas are my favorite. that wine looks good (and i don’t drink wine much). what is up with the flying chickens though. i wonder if the American Humane Society was involved. oy.

trying to figure out the lyrics…..

Calculate the trouble lines
Only in my double mind
Foresee the history and then follow through
Where are you going friend?
Maybe to the chorus bend?
Or maybe to the fence that splits your heart and worried mind?

History, harmony, pullin’ back through time
Only in my troubled, double mind
The mystery, the clarity, all the things I find
Only in my troubled, double mind

Champion of quarantine!
Quarantine your demons, friend.
Respect ability, respect what is you
Iron out your trouble lines
Only in your double mind
Respect your history and love what is you

(repeat chorus)


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