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Centro-matic favorite


so this is what i guess i would consider my favorite Centro-matic song so far. there’s so much to dig through between SSG and Centro-matic and Will Johnson’s solo stuff i’m feeling a little overwhelmed. going to try to fall asleep to this one and chill.


All Night Long!


refocusing, continuing to input lyrics into the plethora of Centro-matic / South San Gabriel tunes i just got.


Eyas is an interesting EP, self-released, only available online.

immediately gravitated to the end song, All Night Long. hauntingly familiar. because it’s Lionel Ritchie dear lord. wow.

here’s the cut in the album version:

“All Night Long” from the split EP Eyas by Centro-matic / South San Gabriel

“All Night Long” LIVE  from the split EP Eyas by Centro-matic / South San Gabriel

and a live version — check out the tux!

“All Night Long” LIVE by My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket’s take — they are so fun, i don’t know why i’m always surprised how fun and truly great they are live….

“All Night Long” by Lionel Ritchie (the original)

and almost forgot to link to the original

Eyas artwork

very cool to note in the Centro-matic description linked to above that the PDF that is included in the purchase of this online only record includes artwork by Julie Miller. it reminds me of Blue Pony a ton, one of my favorite Julie Miller records.

here’s the artwork:

Julie Miller's Blue Pony

and one of my favorites off the record (the visuals are awful but it was the only video i could find).

Kiss On The Lips from Blue Pony by Julie Miller

When the lie comes down like a kiss on the lips
It’s a fragile wire the memory trips
The taste is sweet, but the kiss is unkind
There’s a crawlspace in my head that I find

i wonder how Julie is doing. i don’t think she’s performing anymore — very worrisome. i saw Buddy & Julie Miller play at the Bottom Line (R.I.P.) down near NYU at least three times — three or more shows (they seemed to tour often then) during a time when it seemed like every record that was released was magical. a truly special time of great live shows and music that changed my life. hope Julie is doing okay.

Gasoline and Matches from Written in Chalk by Julie Miller



going over the list of bands as i am researching, buying and listening to their music, realizing that they are more than a little light on wymyn-folk.

don’t get me wrong, Laurie Stirratt of Blue Mountain is a MAJOR talent who i love, and there are other impactful women in these bands, but i have been jonesing for a mix and balance to all of this new music that isn’t so generally man-led.

i wish there were a few bands out of the 12 that were fronted by wymyn. some sort of balance. i get sort huge enjoyment out of music that is performed by both men and women. so on my iPhone shuffle, i’m always trying to get that nice balance of the two. or bands that include that (like X, the ultimate example).

here i am complaining again. i have officially become Wendy Whiner. today at work i actually said out loud to myself, if i could complain 50% less i will really reduce the amount i am annoying myself. i guess there is always goals, eh?

anyway, there’s a new song i’m now obsessed with. here it is.

Naked by Sera Cahoone

Feeling hopeless tonight
Seems to happen all the time
What do you want from me?
You know, because I’m feeling naked

Something changed me deep inside
It seemed that fun was left me tonight
I just cannot speak at all
because I’m feeling naked

Until it’s right, for now
I don’t want you around

All the reasons that I fight
How you take up all my time
What I say is the truth and all
But I’ve been feeling naked