So i am starting to buy some of the music I don’t have and I’m a little behind — like REALLY behind — on Centro-matic / Will Johnson purchases. Just blew $100+ and didn’t even buy t-shirts or stickers or anything.

And I want to know where I put my blue cowboy Centro-matic t-shirt!!! It can’t be lost — I love that t-shirt….

I have a feeling my Blue Mountain situation will be just as dire, so maybe this $200 budget is completely inadequate.

Really wish I could have the actual CDs. A lot of the purchases are mp3 (or other format) downloads. I get that the record business is imploding and physical CDs are now considered a luxury goods item but it chaps my ass that I won’t be able to play some of this stuff on my stereo or on the car stereo for the ride down South. I listen to so much compressed mp3s I am probably inured to it now but I still have a fetish for the albums with artwork and higher fidelity blah blah blah.

upcoming record

Totally freaked by the upcoming Will Johnson cover art. Beside the fact that I had a bunch of unpleasant run-ins with scorpions as a kid at horse camp in Arizona, from far away / on facebook, it looks like ladyparts. Gives me pause every time. Oy.


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